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Pedal and tube amplifier designer Hank Li, Owner of EGO Electronic.

I do not like pedal sound! I just love all tube amplifier, their tone are rich, full, 3D, punch and dynamic, so I devote myself to the tube amp world 12 years ago.

My first tube amp head is Marshall 1959 reissue, a vintage, super loud amp, it is a great amp, but it can not satisfy me, so my first mod and repair job is to give plexi more gain and tone,  I replace every components in my 1959, change original PCB to a point-to-point board like new Marshall hand-wire series. I tweak every parts to get each "1959 series" like jmp, KT66 and KT88 sound! I also add one preamp tube to get modern high gain sound in my Plexi! To be honest, the idea of Marshall VINTAGE-MODERN is not new for me, I built this amp in my Plexi 10 years ago! I also built SLO, XTC and OD100 high gain channel in my Plexi, so I play a lot of overdrive head through this Plexi, Thank MARSHALL!!
EL34 ->KT88, 4 12AX7

Why do I begin to mod and repair my Plexi? the reason is pedal!! I read a lot of review, they say XXX pedal boost Marshall 1959/1987 great! sound fantastic! I try a lot of pedal like FD2, microamp, tube drive....etc, they make my 1959 sound compressed, like another thing, some frequency, punch and natural dynamic are disappear, I am very disappointed with this result , so I began to mod this monster by my self.


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